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February - Sharing How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Impact Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

January - Leveraging Clearfly for Mission Critical Communications


December - Helping Businesses Shift from Survival Mode to Strategic Growth Mode

November - Protecting Businesses from Exponential Growth in Cybercrime

October - Helping Businesses Deduct Up to 1 Million Dollars on Qualifying Equipment Expenses

September - COVID-19 Accelerates Azure Adoption Among Customers

August - Forecasting What the Future of Work-From-Home Could Look Like After COVID-19

July - Providing Customers With a Technology Plan for Continued Operations

June - Helping Companies Transition from Phone Systems That Hinder Performance

May - Providing Innovative Home Office Cybersecurity for Remote Workers

March - Helping Companies Transition to Remote Workforce

February - Leveraging Microsoft Azure to Take Customers Into the Cloud Cost Effectively

January - Leverage the Power of Microsoft Teams to Collaborate More Effectively


December - Sharing the Top 3 Business Collaboration Tools in 2020

November - Monitoring the Dark Web to Keep Customer Information Safe

October - Do Not Let Your Competitors Beat You To Cloud Voice

September - Secure WiFi-as-a-Service Protects Customers from Cyber Attacks

August - How to Trade Oversized Lease Agreements for New Technology

July - How WebRTC can Enhance Customer Experience

June - Alerting Businesses About Robocall Scams

May - Advising Businesses to Move to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

April - Technology Solutions Offers SD-WAN-as-a-Service

March - Technology Solutions Educates SMBs on Surveillance Breakthrough

February - Technology Solutions Shares Expertise at Annual Convention 2019

January - Protecting SMBs from Windows 7 End of Life


December - Protecting SMBs From DNS Attacks

November - Leveraging Inspeed Networks to Provide Quality Services

October - Helping SMBs Use IRC Section 179

September - Technology Solutions Phishing

August - Protecting Customers with Security Optimization Center

July - Technology Solutions Becomes Virtual CIO

April - Disrupting Cybersecurity Industry with New Program

March - Technology Solutions Partners with ID Agent to Heighten Cybersecurity

January - State of the Union for Technology in 2018


December - Helping Customers Make the Move to Cloud-Based Services

December - Alerting Businesses About PCI Compliance

November - Four Reports You Should See

October - Reporting Increased Demand for Cloud Workspace

September - Cybersecurity Certification

August - Educating Businesses on the Importance of 4G Backup

July - Enhancing Customer Network Performance with New Technology

June - Cybersecurity Technology Helps Business Protect Against Attacks

May - Helping SMBs Reduce Overhead and Boost Productivity with Remote Workers

March - Informing Businesses of VoIP Audio Issues

February - Invitation To Technology Assurance Group 17th Annual Convention

January - Bring Peace of Mind to Business Owners


December - Educating Private Healthcare Practices on Handling HIPAA Audits

November - Technology Solutions and CloudJumper Announce Strategic Partnership

October - Helping Businesses Deploy the Power of Gigabit Networks

September - Offering Innovative Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions

August - Keeping Businesses Safe by Educating on Password Protection Policies

August - Futrell Fellowship Helps Students to Professional World

August - Futrell Fellowship Helps Students to Bridge the Gap to Professional World

July - Reporting on Growth of Millennials in the Workforce

July - Leveraging the Power of the Cloud

May - Educating Customers on the Power of Microsoft Office 365

May - Educating Customers on Ransomware

April - In The Business of Giving Back

March - How IT Outsourcing Has Changed Roles

February - Technology Solutions to Attend Leadership Conference

January - Educating Customers to be Aware of Fraudulent Bills


December - Get Cloud Voice Before Your Competitor Does

November - Enhancing Network Security Through Managed IT Services

October - Teaching CFOs How to Manage IT Staff

September - Teaching Customers What to Watch Out For

August - Bring Peace of Mind to Business Owners

July - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Is No Longer Supported

June - Replacing Manufactured Discontinued Phone Systems

May - Winning Yet Another Award For World-Class Customer Service

April - Announcing Full-Service Cloud Voice Program

March - Top 4 Technology Decisions to Make in 2015

March - Technology Solutions Adds Industry Veteran

February - Technology Solutions Invited to Attend 15th Annual TAG Convention

January - Technology Solutions Wins Customer Service Award

January - Educating Customers on Bandwidth Management and Monitoring


December - Launching a Cloud Based File Storage Program to Enhance Business Collaboration

November - TS-LLC Receives ShoreTel Outstanding Achievement Award

November - Helping Businesses Increase Sales and Productivity

November - Helping Businesses Deploy Mobile Workforces to Increase Sales and Productivity

October - Helping Hospitals and Clinics Keep Their Patient Data Safe

September - How to Offer Free Wi-Fi the Right Way

August - 5 Key Factors to Understand When Selecting a Cloud Voice Provider

July - Announcing Breakthrough in Data Protection

May - Unified Communication Industry's Top Award

April - Delivering Cloud Video Conferencing to Customers

March - Steve Futrell Invited to Attend TAG's 14th Annual Convention in Nashville

February - Helping Businesses Prepare for the End of Windows XP Support

January - Fostering Technology Adoption with K-12 Schools


December - Shoretel Awards Technology Solutions the 2013 Customer Service Award

November - Technology Solutions Receives Top Industry Award

October - Helping Businesses Prepare for the End of Windows XP and Office 2003 Support

September - Technology Solutions, LLC to Speak at Industry Conference

August - Steve Futrell Named to TAG Members' Action Team

July - Educating Businesses on the Power of Unified Communications

June - Dangers of Insufficient Backup Procedures

May - Launching Mobile Device Management Program

April - Protect your Organization against the risks of Technology

March - Desktop Optimization Center to Jumpstart Customers' Productivity

February - Reporting Strong Increase in Technology Investment for 2013

January - Are You Running Your Business on Obsolete Technology


December - Technology Solutions Receives Another ShoreTel Customer Service Award

December - Helping SMBs Keep Their Networks Running Smoothly

November - Helping Companies Take Advantage of Tax-Breaks

November - HD Video Conferencing Solution

September - Explaining Evergreen Contracts

August - Announcing a Powerful Network Assessment Tool

July - Keeping Customers Safe Through Rolling Blackouts

June - Why Call 3 Companies to Fix 1 Problem

May - President Invited to Convention for Industry Leaders

April - Strategic Partnership with Clearfly Communications, Inc.

March - Steve Futrell Recognized for Leadership

February - Technology Solutions Recognized for Customer Service

January - Helping Law Firms Go Green


December - Helping SMBs Utilize Softphone Technology

November - Helping Companies Take Advantage of Tax-Breaks

October - Delivering Videoconferencing Solutions

September - Educating Customers on the Challenges of VoIP

August - Risks and Rewards of Virtualization

July - Helping Customers Combat Recession

June - Dialing a 1 or a 9 Before You Make a Phone Call

May - Leveraging Technology to Monitor Customer's Data Networks

April - Unified Communications Set to Explode in 2011

March - Tigerpaw Acknowledges Technology Solutions with 2011 White Tiger Award

March - Providing Remote Performance Management Solutions

February - Offering Customers Virtual Hosted Office Systems

January - TAG Invites Steve Futrell to Offer His Views on the Latest Technologies

January - Steve Futrell Recognized as Community Leader


December - Increasing Customer Profitability in a Down Economy

November - Internet Abuse Can Kill a Company

October - Protecting Your Company is Mission Critical

September - Educating Customers on Mobile VoIP Technology

August - Streamline your Business and Provide a Great Customer Experience

July - Announcing a Strategic Partnership with FreedomVOICE

June - Why Hosted VoIP is Experiencing Explosive Growth

June - Technology Solutions Receives National Recognition for Top Economic Performance

May - Innovative Data Backup Solutions to Protect Critical Information

April - Taking a Proactive Step in Customers' Safety

April - Reporting Rapid Increase in the Adoption of Hosted VoIP

March - Dialing a 1 or a 9 Before You Make a Phone Call

February - FCC Increases Fees on Interstate and International Calls in Q1 2010

January - Offering On Demand Communications Training


December - Stopping Customers' Networks from Being Attacked

November - Enhancing Marketing Campaigns through On-Hold Messaging

October - Presence Management is The Greatest Form of Communication

September - Educating Business on the Benefits of Wireless LAN

September - Cloud Computing's Silver Lining for Companies

July - Distributing an Essential Business Disaster Recovery Tool

June - Technology Solutions Receives ShoreTel's Champion Partner Program Status

June - Launching Program to Help Business Go Green

June - John Walsh Congratulates TS-LLC

June - Glenn Anderson Congratulates TS-LLC

May - Reaping the Benefits of Customer Centric Programs

April - Technology Solutions Receives Unified Communication Industry's Top Award

March - Rapid Increase in the Popularity of SIP Trunking

February - Why Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Need Managed IT Services

January - Technology Solutions Invited to Participate at the 9th Annual TAG Convention


December - Customer Advocates to Introduce Managed IT Services

November - Explaining the Importance of Taking Advantage of IRC Section 179

October - Enhancing Applications through a Strategic Partnership with ConferTel

September - Understanding the Power of SIP Trunking

September - A Business Communication Solution That Helps You Achieve your Goals

July - Is Your Telecommunications Technician Certified

June - Customer Advocates to Introduce Managed IT Services

May - Assisting Companies Facing the Challenges of the Recession

April - The Good Side of Recession

March - Technology Solutions Receives Unified Communication Industry's Top Award

February - Technology Solutions Launches Data Networking Division

January - Does Your Communications Provider Offer Managed Services


December - Think Tape is a Safe Way to Backup Your Company's Data

October - Technology Solutions Joins Forces With Forval

September - Providing Innovative Technology to the Healthcare Industry

August - Technology Solutions to Network Voice, Video and Data Systems

July - Stop Buying Technology the Wrong Way

May - Errors and Inefficiencies Plague Telecommunications Environments

April - Keep Your Phones Ringing During a Business Relocation or Expansion

March - Technology Solutions Receives Unified Communication Industry's Top Award

February - MLPS is the Latest Technology to Impact Business Communications

January - VoIP Continues To Pose Technical Problems