What to Expect From Mitel Connect

September 11th, 2019 by admin

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You have probably either just made the switch to Connect or are considering making the switch, if so then this blog is for you. When Mitel acquired ShoreTel in late 2017, many users were concerned that this meant the end of the system that they knew and loved. Fortunately for them, they quickly found out that the new Mitel Connect system had everything that the ShoreTel system had plus so much more. But while many businesses are marveling at their new Connect systems and its features, many are still wondering if the switch is worth it? Wonder no more because we have put together a list of the top three most asked questions and what to expect from the Mitel Connect system.

Made up of three products – MiCloud, MiBusiness, and MiCloud Flex – Mitel Connect combines the ShoreTel 14.2 Onsite, hybrid, and cloud offerings all under one roof. This leads to the first most asked question regarding migrating:

Is the migration from ShoreTel 14.2 to Mitel worth it, and what are the perks? You will instantly notice an improved difference in your customer and client interactions. The Mitel Connect platform offers the Contact Center, which allows your team to engage with customers and clients via phone, email, text, chat, and video; creating a unified communication experience is unlike no other. These methods of interaction allow your business to foster valuable customer and client relationships, improve marketing efforts, and boosts your business's overall credibility and morale.

Other perks for completing the migration process include:

  • The free Essentials Bundle for all Extension & Mailbox license
  • Connect for Mobile
  • Connect for Chrome and Chrome extension
  • The ability to have remote or virtual users connect either through their Connect Client or 400 series phone without the use of VPN via the EdgeGateway
  • Softphone
  • Video license
  • And much more!

Moving your team and staff over to a new system is another huge concern for many owners, which goes into the next question: Will the new Mitel Connect Client be a challenge to learn for new and existing staff? The Mitel Connect Client ranks high in ease and simplicity. While the client is a modern take on the former 14.2 interface, it will be easier for new and existing users to get used to. In case there are any bumps along the way, the client is equipped with user guides and training videos.

The last and most significant question that nearly everyone asks is just how long is downtime, and what is, are the cost associated with completing the migration process? Downtime is kept very minimal but is impacted mainly by the complexity and overall size of your current systems. The Average downtime for migration ranges between 2 to 6 hours.

As far as cost, just by working with Technology Solutions, LLC. you get the most affordable rates in the industry. All equipment, onsite training, labor, licensing, and support is provided to you at nominal rates to help get your business up and running.

It's about time to start evaluating your options as ShoreTel's complete end-of-life will be early 2020. Still have questions about migration, licensing, equipment, costs, or anything else? Contact us today and get answers to any question you may have. Once you're ready to get started, you will be connected with one of our representatives who will assist you in getting your migration process going.

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