Technology Solutions, LLC Sees Surge In Popularity of TSComplete Program

August 17th, 2015 by admin

Financial managers, Information Technology professionals and business leaders of all types have begun to see the advantages of Technology Solutions’ unique TSComplete program. With TSComplete, organizations of all types are seeing how their technology investments are optimized by eliminating upfront capital investment while protecting against technology obsolescence and unplanned maintenance expenditures. TSComplete Clients are able to implement the technology they need to grow their business while having a low monthly fee that includes 24x7x365 maintenance, software version upgrades, training, data backups, technical consulting, cost analytics, on-site training, off-site instructional seminars and the option to upgrade technology every 24 months without an increase in monthly expenditure. TSComplete also allows clients to avoid sending valuable time dealing with the “finger-pointing” associated with coordinating a project with multiple suppliers. With TSComplete, Technology Solutions acts on the customer’s behalf to coordinate with vendors to diagnose and resolve support issues allows internal resources to focus on growing their business. Learn more

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