TAG Convention 2018

May 14th, 2018 by admin

Skyline of San Diego Bay

We are pleased to announce that 4 of our employees attended the 2018 TAG National Annual Convention in San Diego, CA. CEO Steve Futrell, General Manager Tricia, Client Services Manager Kelsey and Technical Customer Advocate Larry Zettner all traveled west to learn how to enhance the "customer experience". While we already have a robust internal process that aims to provide an exceptional customer experience we were excited to learn how to make this process even better through partnerships and training.

We believe that providing a truly exceptional customer experience is one of the most important differentiators we can provide and our clients agree! Recently we had multiple clients reach out to us in order to tell us to place a bid for some work with a local library. They felt that the library would greatly benefit from our services due to the exceptional customer experience we had brought to them.

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