Providing Data Backup and Recovery Solutions for Businesses

September 14th, 2020 by admin

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As a business owner, there are quite a few issues to worry about, including data backup and recovery. Disasters and accidents happen, often at inopportune times, but having all of your data backed up and a recovery plan in place will ensure that your business can resume normal business operations quickly and efficiently.

Data Security

Ensuring your data is protected is extremely important to your business's success. It could cost your company a significant amount of money if hackers can get inside your network and compromise sensitive data. With the possibility of ransomware denying your business access to its data and the potential fallout in public opinion, your business needs to have the latest cybersecurity. In addition to up-to-date cybersecurity, your employees need to be trained on how to spot potential phishing attacks. Customers trust your business to guard their sensitive data, and doing all that you can to preserve that trust is paramount.

We can help your business prepare your employees to spot phishing emails. We can send "test" emails to your employees and track which people click the links. This proactive approach can help educate and train your employees on avoiding phishing emails and ensuring that your business is protected and vigilant against hacking attempts.

Data Backup and Recovery

Disasters can strike at any moment, often at inopportune times. These disasters can cause data loss and affect your business's ability to operate. Whether your office is damaged or something happens to your servers, having your data backed up, and accessible is critically important. At Technology Solutions, LLC, we recommend that your business has at least two backups, one local and one in the cloud. Additionally, we recommend that your backups include everything, from infrastructure to your data. This comprehensive backup strategy will ensure that your company can resume operations quickly.

When you work with us, we will develop a backup and recovery plan based on your particular needs. We will do a proper evaluation of your business and plan accordingly. Your backup and recovery plan will be customized to your needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Having your business's essential data backed up in multiple places is crucial to your company's success. At Technology Solutions, LLC, we have solutions that will safeguard your data from hackers, and recovery solutions that will get your business back up and running quickly. Contact us today to become more resilient to disasters and protect your data.

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