Premise Based Versus Cloud-Based, What is the Answer?

April 3rd, 2018 by admin

Man in suit standing in front of servers holding technology icons

At Technology Solutions, LLC, our goal is to always provide you with custom solutions to fit your needs. We know that your business is not going to function like your neighbor down the street. You're not going to have the same technology in place, nor the same technology needs for the future. That's why we work with you when determining whether premise-based or cloud-based operations are right for you.

When we come into your space, if we see that you've got a fully functioning server that's in good shape, though we know that there can be benefits to operating off of the cloud, we also understand that that was a big investment for your business so we are committed to building technology solutions based off of what you already have in place. If instead we find that your server is a few years old and not serving the functions that you need from it in our ever-evolving technolandscape, then we can suggest some cloud based options that will give you more flexibility and better productivity.

Perhaps none of this describes where your business is. Maybe you're just getting started. Certainly cloud based operations will drastically reduce your start up costs and get you in business faster than ever. Our number one goal is to provide you with the solutions you need and the level of control over your operations that makes you the most comfortable. This is your business. We're simply here to help!

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