Passport to Safety

June 15th, 2015 by admin

Technology Solutions, LLC has recently built and donated a portable and full functional phone system to be used by Emergent Health Partners as part of their traveling Passport to Safety program! After some basic information about what 911 is, and why it is important to learn, kids will have a chance to put what they have learned into action. With Technology Solutions’ portable system, children will have a chance to sit across from live police emergency dispatchers at a 911 Training Station and learn the basics of when and how to make a 911 emergency phone call.  During the program, an officer will show the child a picture of an emergency event and the child will then be able to use a real telephone in front of them to make a simulated 911 call. The officer seated directly in front of them will then answer their phone, and speak with the child about the emergency. Dispatchers speak to the kids exactly as they would in a real emergency, providing an excellent method for learning by enabling the children to understand exactly what they would experience in a real life emergency. Learn about what services and products we offer, or find out what we can do for your business!   

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