How Anti-Phishing Campaigns Can Help Keep Your Business Safe

July 1st, 2021 by admin

The words 'Phishing Alert Spam - Scam - Malware- Spyware' next to a white triangle with an exclamation point inside it over a red background

Phishing has become a common way for hackers to attack businesses. Using emails to distribute malware and spyware through links or attachments to steal information has proven an effective way to steal credentials. It works often enough as every business's security is only effective against this type of attack if every employee knows how to recognize phishing emails. That's where anti-Phishing campaigns can help, as they train your employees to see the telltale signs of phishing.

Anti-phishing campaigns simulate phishing attacks in a safe practice environment to test and see which employees fall victim to a fake phishing email. Letting you know which people need training on how to recognize, avoid, and report phishing attacks. These campaigns strengthen the cybersecurity awareness of your workforce and reduce your chance of suffering from malware and breaches.

Technology Solutions, LLC. offers anti-phishing campaigns that can be customized to your specific industry. We can set up and monitor them for your business while also offering more specialized content than generic solutions. Contact us today and find out which of your employees needs more cyber security training with our anti-phishing campaign.

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