Commonly Asked Questions Regarding VoIP Phone Systems

June 25th, 2019 by admin

Close up of a phone receiver resting on it's base.

Your business is now set up with a new phone system and operations are ready to go, but you realize that there may be a learning curve for both new employees or those who are not yet up to speed on how to use the new systems. To prevent confusion, misuse, and the endless array of questions from staff, we provide free, easy-to-use, online training directly from the manufacturer of your systems. We will even help you train new employees, so in addition to the online resources available, your new staff members will be connected to experts that can answer any questions. We here at Technology Solutions, LLC aim to help in any way we can to get your business up and running.

While questions may differ from person to person depending on time and experience with the phones, there are common questions that arise when it comes to using hosted phones. We are going to address the top five commonly asked questions, but if your question isn’t below, check out our training courses, or contact us – we are here to help.

Question #1 – Can I use the internet and make calls at the same time?
You can absolutely do both, you can use the internet and use the phone at the exact same time with no issues at all.

Question #2 – Can I use my existing headsets with the phones
Yes, most headsets are compatible with both VoIP and traditional phone systems, so more than likely the headset will work just fine.

Question #3 – What useful features are included with VoIP phones?
Voice-over-IP phones offer a wide range of features that allow for enhanced productivity and efficiency for operations. A few standard functions include auto attendant, which is a must-have for businesses, to ensure that all incoming calls are answered and sent to the right department to be addressed. Auto attendant reduces dropped calls and improves resolution times. Call routing is another essential feature that allows users to direct callers to someone available at that moment. Unified messaging is another critical feature that combines emails, voicemail, text, and instant messaging capabilities into your phone systems.

Question #4 – Can I keep my existing phone number?
Yes. It is possible to keep the number you used with your traditional phone system. Most agents prefer number portability, or the ability to keep your existing phone number for ease. We offer number portability with your new phone systems so you can keep your existing number.

Question #5 – Can I travel with my number and work remotely?
VoIP phone systems allow you to connect from anywhere using the internet. You don’t have to be in the office to make calls, as long as you have good quality high-speed internet you can perform normal job functions wherever you are. A phone adapter is sometimes needed in the case of traveling but some systems offer mobile applications, so instead of using an adapter, all you need to make calls is your own cellular device, no extra equipment required. VoIP is truly changing the way businesses operate.

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