Changes at Technology Solutions to Support Customer Protection & Growth

January 22nd, 2020 by admin

In 2020, the concept of using backups as part of a disaster recovery strategy has gone from being an insurance policy to an integral part of business operations. Technology Solutions has enhanced our existing managed BCDR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery) offerings with additional data protection and backup capabilities.

Also in 2020, VoIP Cloud solutions have evolved to become feature-rich, affordable and easy to migrate from the traditional premise-based solutions. For companies exploring additional features, TS can educate customers on new capabilities that can improve their business performance.

Last year we made changes to the sales organization resulting in improved customer satisfaction by holistically evaluating customer business requirements, focusing on operational needs. Denise Abdullah is now our Director Sales Solutions, applying Project Methodologies to the sales team. Rob Ledbetter has joined our team as a Project Manager and brings a strong background in Managed IT services. Similar to the way a project is managed, we will deliver consistent communication to understand your business and align TS products and services with your business needs.

Businessmen Shaking Hands, with Graphs and Tablet on Table. Technology Partnership Concept

During 2019, our technical customer advocate has discussed your current services with you. We want to expand that conversation!

  • What role does technology play in your 5-year plan?
  • How does technology improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction?
  • How can you protect your data and infrastructure?

We have the ability to customize our interaction to meet your needs. Would you like a quarterly meeting? Monthly calls? When is the best time of year to make budgetary decisions? Are you making the right IT decisions?

Businessmen Shaking Hands, with Graphs and Tablet on Table. Technology Partnership Concept

Above are just some of the conversations we would like to have in 2020 to build a safer and sustainable business operation for our customers.

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