A Huge, Warm Welcome to Kelsey as our New Operations Manager

August 15th, 2019 by admin

Hands clapping

We have had some fantastic changes so far this season, and we want to appreciate those who have gone above and beyond in taking this company to the next level. Our staff and team here at Technology Solutions, LLC, are hardworking and dedicated individuals that put their all into making this company the success that it is today. We want to highlight an outstanding staff member, who has solidified her place as the backbone of this company and continues to do tremendous work as our new operations manager. Thank you, Kelsey, for the incredible job you have done here at Technology Solutions, LLC.

We aim to ensure that when we are working on your business that everything is organized, and you are getting the best service possible. Our performance and efficiency is mostly dependant on our operations manager. Kelsey, who will be overseeing six other employees, will also be managing all other aspects of the company's operations. Since day one, she has taken the initiative in developing strategies for some of our on-going projects and clients. We are so lucky and proud to have her on-board and working with us here at Technology Solutions, LLC.

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