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Mission and Vision

"To make your technological experience easy," that is it.

You know what your business technology needs to do, but you need to know it will work when you go to use it. No frustration, no reading between the lines. With several layers in your network, we are a complete solution company that can handle all of your technological needs.

As our clients expand, we strive to lead their businesses around the globe through our business technology. Through our proactive support environment, we will become your trusted advisor. We are dedicated to developing long term relationships with our clients, and it starts with you.


State of the art Gold Seal Support

Let Technology Solutions help you leverage your business technology investment to maximize its return. We assume responsibility for maintaining the equipment, for reprogramming to fit your evolving needs, and for keeping your team trained on how to use the core features of the system. Our Gold Seal Support gives your business the support it needs 24/7/365. It is a "hand-off" approach to keeping your business technology up to speed.

Technology Assurance Group National

TAG National is an organization of leading business technology companies with a vision to assist business owners to reach the leading edge of business processes, technology, and management. Our President/CEO, Steve Futrell, is a part of TAG's Strategic Teams for Advancements where members discuss a variety of business topics, share their experiences and expertise, and aid one another in adoption of best practices. Technology Solutions is consistently innovating our processes and procedures through the Technology Assurance Group's model.

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Our Team

At Technology Solutions, we believe there are always ways to better service you.

All of our engineers and consultants are certified on the technology we use and provide to our clients, so we are always walking in your shoes. Our work environment is driven by a curiosity to better support our clients. Your problems are our problems, which fixates our team to operate in the mindset of yes.

Nothing beats working with people who care.

Meet Our CEO